TabbyLou's Tabby Shack

Tabbylou's Tabby Shack Hot Sauce / Bbq Sauce

There are no set prices, there are no set menu's everything is custom to you.

I'm a self taught southern grown chef as well as a personal trainer, a studding herbalist an a nutritionist

I grew up with good old southern cooking. Making everything from scratch, if you couldn't reach the counter you pulled up a chair where I came from beacuse you were ganna learn. Since living on my own, moving around, living life, I have fallen in love with many different deep rooted flavors. Thai, Indian, Moroccan, french classics just to name a few. With all of that I really enjoy creating healthy flavorful food, that is full of love to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

As a personal trainer I have worked with patients that have suffered strokes, car accidents and so on, I am not a physical therapist, I do not follow a book to retrain the muscle on how its supposed to work. I follow the clients needs. Everyone sufferers differently, there for should not be generalized in their treatment. I believe in a "catch and release" program, working with my clients until they are better and no longer need me so that I may move on to help the next.