There are no set prices, there are no set menu's everything is custom to you.

​​TabbyLou's Rustic Healing

​​I'm a self taught home grown  Chef, and a licensed Nutritionist, Personal trainer/Sports therapist, and a studying Herbalist. I know all of that may sound like a lot to some, but it made since to be able to attack problems from many angles or treat cause and effect issues. Example: (having  a stroke, if I'm treating for that I should treat the cause as well)  Everything I do is from a holistic and natural stand point, I do not agree with western medicine for daily treatments, I do not believe in having symptoms from "treatments" that cause other horrible issues. I believe in following the symptoms to the cause and treating the root of the problem. I treat symptoms like breadcrumbs and follow our way home just to set it on fire lol. I am very detailed and will ask you a ton of questions as well as be very hands on but I feel that is what needs to be done in order for our journey together to be successful.