TabbyLou's Tabby Shack

Tabbylou's Tabby Shack Hot Sauce / Bbq Sauce

There are no set prices, there are no set menu's everything is custom to you.

I'm a self taught southern grown chef. I grew up with good old southern cooking. Making everything from scratch, if you couldn't reach the counter you pulled up a chair where I came from beacuse you were ganna learn. Since living on my own, moving around, living life, I have fallen in love with many different deep rooted flavors. Thai, Indian, Moroccan, french classics just to name a few. With all of that I really enjoy creating healthy flavorful food, that people can enjoy while they are losing the weight that's been so hard, gaining mass you need to build that muscle, or resetting the body with pure micronutrients. Reach out and lets start your new eating habits today!