TabbyLou's Tabby Shack

Tabbylou's Tabby Shack Hot Sauce / Bbq Sauce

                 Hello and welcome to my little shack
                                 Thanx for comin  by

I'm TabbyLou and this is a little piece of me. Here you will see many different things (as i have a.d.d, ha) little joke i like to share. Anywho I am a full time chef, I love playing with food. I write my own recipes, as well as amp up one's I grew up with back home in Georgia.

About the other things here like baking my strong point is flavor, making it really pretty... eh I am still learing. Photography is something I enjoy doing for fun. I'v had a few good opportunities  in my life to be on the other side of the camera as well as work side by side some amazing photographers as a hair and make up designer. I'v been a licensed stylist since 2007 finishing Paul Mitchell at the top of my class. As for anything else you see on here its just me entertaining my self, feel free to browse and ask any questions you may have.

                 Ya'll come back now ya here.