​​TabbyLou's Rustic Healing

Healthy Nutrition is extremely important for proper organ function and over all good health. You are literally a direct product of what you do and do not put into your mouth. I am a firm supporter that good nutrition can and will solve a lot of auto-immune issues, as well as what western medicine calls "hereditary disease's". I focus on using food to help heal the body along with herbs, and essential oils (they are called essential for a reason). I do my best to give my clients things they like in a new way but I will give you things you'v never had and may not like but I'm great at finding ways to hide it or making it taste amazing. "hey I'v made beets not taste like dirt so..." This may sound harsh to some, I understand if your paying a chef, they should make what you like right? Well.... see I'm a holistic chef, and I have your best interest at heart I'll never ask you to do anything that isn't for your own good!